The Eo'j Restaurant and Lounge is a charming,
elegant venue for those who
 love an atmosphere of fine                          
dining and live music.

Entrees are prepared with superior quality food and hospitable service.

The Eo'j Restaurant and Lounge is a great place to celebrate your birthday
 or special event with family and friends.

While eating a delicious meal, enjoy the live music, dance on
 our custom-built dance floor and finish your celebration
 dancing the night away with the addictive beats of the house dj.

Go to Contact Us to book Your Birthday Party TODAY!   

The Eo'j Restaurant and Lounge
Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
11am - 3pm (Lunch Buffet)

Fridays & Saturdays 6pm -2am

6102 Macon Rd
(at the corner of Sycamore View)
(901) 383-7457
fax (901) 383-7458
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